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Polish medical equipment in the United States - Florida International Medical Expo (FIME)

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Anna Woińska | 2019-04-17 13:20:24
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Florida International Medical Expo (FIME) - the largest medical fair in the Americas took place between 17-19 July 2018 in Orlando (USA). The Polish Investment and Trade Agency in cooperation with national exhibitors promotes the Polish medical equipment sector at the national stand (AB.11).

Photo 1: Polish national stand at FIME


As part of the FIME fairs, we can familiarize ourselves with the widest global offer of medical devices available at one place. Every year, about 1200 medical producers from 42 countries exhibit at FIME to present the latest industry solutions.


The domestic medical sector can boast of numerous examples of innovative products, and many of them will be presented during FIME. These products include Prodrobot, an automated walking machine, which is an active medical device intended for the rehabilitation of lower limbs of patients with walking disabilities (stand A.A11).


Photo 2: Prodromus


Pregnabit (booth B.N56) created in Wrocław is a telemedicine device designed to support the work of doctors and midwives. It is an innovative, proprietary measuring device that allows for safe and reliable examination of a fetal heartbeat, mother's pulse and record of uterine muscle contraction. Pregnabit is a portable device, which allows you to perform the necessary tests at any time, anywhere. The data collected by the device is transmitted wirelessly to the Medical Telemonitoring Center, operated by qualified medical personnel.


Photo 3: Nestmedic


Polish medical devices can successfully compete with global leaders in the field of advanced technologies, an example of which can be orthopedic implants and medical instruments with a carbon coating and innovative solutions for people with neurological injuries and those awakened from a coma.


Medgal (stand A.C14) is the only manufacturer in the world that offers implants covered with SI-DLC silicon-silicon layer. This means very high biotolerance and biocompatibility as well as very high corrosion resistance in soft tissues and body fluids. Implants covered with SI-DLC carbon-silicon layer are created as part of the proprietary process patented in cooperation with the Lodz University
of Technology.


Photo 4: Medgal


AssisTech (stand A.B13) offers patients and their families a C-Eye® system - the only internationally certified medical product that uses the patient's eyesight tracking technology to assess its state of consciousness and rehabilitation. C-Eye® system is a modern system that tracks the movement of the eyes, which allows communication and rehabilitation of people after stroke, awakened from coma and other equally severe neurological conditions. C-Eye® PRO is the only international tool that helps healthcare professionals assess the state of consciousness. The developed at the Gdańsk University of Technology enables the rehabilitation of patients with various neurological disorders.


Photo 5: AssisTech


Many years of scientific research have resulted in the development of bone substitute biomaterial by Medical Inventi, which is an original solution in the field of modern implant preparations of the 3rd generation in terms of biocompatible composition with bone tissue, bioactivity, impact on bone tissue regeneration and support of bone reconstruction process and surgical convenience and elasticity. Procedures carried out in recent years involving the new material concerned alveolar fillings, treatment of fistulas, bone cavity fillings resulting from limb injuries. The implemented biomaterial exhibited positive effects such as: non-toxicity, gradual biodegradability and progressive bone reconstruction, which eliminates the need for repeated surgery to remove the implant. (booth B.M57).


 Photo 6: Medical Inventi


Sensomedical (stand A.A13) presents the SensoDUO sensory platform - a modern, easy-to-use device allowing reliable deep sensory diagnosis, conducting precise therapy / exercises based on biofeedback, and continuous monitoring of obtained effects and objective evaluation of progress.


 Photo 7: Sensomedical


Diagnosis S.A. is a producer of a wide spectrum of equipment in the field of preventive care. At stand A.A15 we can see modern diagnostic equipment - blood pressure monitors, inhalers, thermometers, diagnostic tests, glucometers, dietary supplements and specialist cosmetology preparations.


Photo 8: Diagnosis


Consultronix S.A. is a world-class expert in the field of ophthalmology and eye microsurgery, dermatology, imaging diagnostics, urology, oncology, interventional cardiology and cardiac surgery. At FIME exhibition (stand A.B10) the company presents a wide range of ophthalmic tables and radiological tables, including a modular system supporting doctors, technicians and physicists during the planning and implementation of radiotherapeutic procedures (teleradiotherapy, cyberknife, tomotherapy). The system allows a unique identification of the patient and any accessories used for positioning, - thus minimizing the possibility of confusion.


Photo 9: Consultronix


With the modern offer of Technomex, a leading manufacturer of hydrotherapy and kinesitherapy equipment and rehabilitation devices, we will get acquainted at the A.B12 stand. The company presents innovative equipment for motor rehabilitation constructed on the basis of the latest IT technologies, widely used in hospitals, sanatoriums and rehabilitation rooms. Technomex equipment transports people rehabilitated into a colorful world of virtual reality films and games adapted to different age categories of patients, being a particularly interesting alternative to often tedious and monotonous classic rehabilitation exercises.


Photo 10: Technomex


Hagmed stand (A.C12) presents a wide range of high-quality, high-quality specialized medical equipment, e.g. specialized sets for collecting DNA genetic material, one-off instrumentation necessary to conduct research aimed at early detection of the body's tendency to inherit diseases, establishing paternity or affinity. Hamed’s high-class instruments are also used in police work to collect and secure biological traces from crime scenes.


At the FIME trade fair, there is also ANTAR (stand A.B15) known on the Polish market as a distributor of medical equipment. The company's offer includes stabilizers, orthotics, lumbar belts and orthopedic collars, shock absorbing inserts, pneumatic ankle stabilizers.


Photo 11: Antar


The company MIKROMED (stand BN54) is the first Polish manufacturer of implants for orthopedics and traumatology. MIKROMED presents a wide range of world-renowned (about 35,000 products) compression-blocking tiles (MIKROMED system) and new types of classic, universal, reconstructive and reverse nails.


Photo 12: Mikromed


The company SDS Optic is a high-class specialist in the pre-assembly of hermetic and standard photoelectronic components - with its offer we will get acquainted at the stand B.N58.


Photo 13: SDS OPTIC


A separate category among Polish exhibitors at the FIME trade fair is HYDRO - GAZ - MED - a very active Polish leader in the design and construction of specialized complex medical gas installations constructed for the needs of entire hospitals, wards, operating rooms and IOM rooms as well as all types of medical facilities . We will get acquainted with the unique offer of the company at the B.M55 stand.


Photo 14: HydroGazMed


* * *

In 2017, the value of exports of Polish medical equipment amounted to over USD 2.1 billion. Poland is a recognized partner as a competitive producer of high quality instruments and devices used in medicine, surgery, dentistry and veterinary medicine. Polish companies export medical equipment mainly to the European Union (64%). Germany is the largest importer of medical equipment from Poland with exports worth 440 million USD in 2017. As for exports outside of Germany, the most important markets for Poland are Denmark (USD 415 million), United States (USD 312 million), Great Britain Britain (USD 114 million) and France (USD 87 million).


* * *

Program Promotion of the economy based on Polish product brands - Marka Polskiej Gospodarki - Brand implemented in 2018-2019 enables Polish entrepreneurs to expand into new prospective non-EU markets, often distant and expensive, which have not been chosen by their entrepreneurs due to the existing risk and costs development strategies.

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