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CMEF Spring CHINA 2019 - Polish Investment and Trade Agency supports polish medical devices sector

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Anna Woińska | 2019-05-21 14:04:14
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During the press briefing for the Chinese medical journalists organized during CMEF Spring China 2019 (The China International Medicinal Equipment Fair the most significant medical fair in China), we discussed characteristics and strengths of the polish medical sector and polish medical devices. Lots of questions, even more, answers regarding mutual cooperation - much food to think of!

We express our warm gratitude to representatives of the Chinese press for the participation and vivid discussion!


We address the words of highest gratitude to our expert Ms. Katarzyna Radziejewska representing the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Medical Devices POLMED for the contribution and interesting presentation about the potential of Polish medical equipment industry as well as the brief introduction of the Polish manufacturers, their quality products and services to the Chinese audience.



Poland, considering its size and potential, has a wide range of medical equipment manufacturers. A large part of the companies opted for highly specialized production, e.g. electrodes for electrophysiological examination of the heart or catheters for embolectomy. The Chinese market is focused on such technologically advanced products.



We proudly take our hats off to the professionalism of our colleagues from the Polish Investment and Trade Agency China Representative Office in Shanghai (PAIH ZBH Shanghai, China) for the support and involvement in the event. Mr. Andrzej Juchniewicz, Ms. Monika Oppeln-Bronikowska and Mrs. Grace Wang - You are the dream team!


We appreciate your support and take this opportunity to encourage all those interested in China market take advantage of your knowledge and services. Once more - thank you and best of luck!